Monday, February 20, 2012

Holidays Ho...

No no, i didn't go on a long holiday to any place. wish i had, but no.

Soon, i hope.

But until then, you can have a read, if you like.

I have been trying out crazy ideas. clearing up my beads by converting them into something to be worn. They turned out pretty well i think. Will put up those pictures soon.

Apart from that, i have drawn and redrawn things. Not all turned out like i wanted, but, i went with it and they turned out pretty well anyway. Thank you Loish for that advice. Its hard to let it go and just let the artwork grow and speak for itself. But I am learning.

I am my worst critic. When i start something and its not going th way i had visualised it, i used to abandon the project and leave it at that. Now, i am slowly learning to let myself be, about it, and work around whats not working out. Sometimes it turns out better than i had imagined and other times, the less said the better. =D

Right now, am fiddling with a coupla ideas, to get back on my feet. I am finding all the bits and pieces that have to be put together. Someday soon, I will be living one of my dreams.

I have been well, in case you needed to know, Reader. =)
Thank you for reading.

Anu =)


  1. good to know that :) i am yet to master the art of NOT abandoning artworks halfway, since im my own worst critic too :\ post pics of your drawings, would love to see them

  2. Lol.. yes i shall.. waiting for my camera to be fixed.. =P