Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer/Monsoon Garden visitors

This summer our trees and bushes have grown big/strong/tall, encouraging the aviary families to come check out the realty. =P

Some regular visitors for food are the common Mynahs, Parakeets and the "Seven Sister" birds (quite the chatty bunch!). Also the Koel, occasionally the Black Drongo, a Great Coucal (which has disappeared, i think my cats caught it), the White Throated Kingfisher and a pair of Bulbuls.

There are a few more. But I haven't figured out their names yet.

Please forgive the layman photography. I am not skilled enough to take pictures of birds that flit so incessantly. =)

Comman Indian Mynah

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Far far away..

Since we've moved to the out skirts of the city, it has been a boon and a bane. Travel is a downer. But I have to say that the mellowness is quite soothing. Its seduces you to do nothing but watch nature in all its glory. And for that I am glad.