Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Far far away..

Since we've moved to the out skirts of the city, it has been a boon and a bane. Travel is a downer. But I have to say that the mellowness is quite soothing. Its seduces you to do nothing but watch nature in all its glory. And for that I am glad.

We are cat people. There are about 9 cats housed in our dwelling. At one point there were close to 20.

Before you look at the screen gasping at the number, read on.

We do not allow them in the house. They take care of themselves and only come a few times a day to ask for a meal. but on average there are at least 10 at both meal times; morning at around 6 and evening at 6. Of course we indulge them on Sundays with fish/chiken. Its their version of a party.
Only a couple of the cats are allowed entry into the house.

One's the godmother. She's been with us the longest (*touchwood*) and another is a male cat who has just found himself to be the King of the lands here. All the land within our compund and around it, is his territory. He marks his land 2-3 times on a rainy day, just to be sure. Occassion he has even marked a couch, which was painful to clean. The smell... egh.. So his visit in the house demands we be watchful or he marks his spaces again.

Those are the two big cats we allow in. Apart from them there are two adults outside as well. A young, shy tomcat and an ash coloured black striped fluffy cat who loves preening herself most day. Then there's 5 new kittens. Their play time is really fun to watch.

Oddly enough, these past few litters that have been born the genders are colour coded. All the orange cats are male and the black ones are female. Its quite a wonder to me. I would put up the pictures of the cats. Only, I have become a bit superstitious about it. The last two times I put up pictures, I lost those cats to Death. So if you are reading this, I hope my words would suffice.

There is never a dull day. Even if there is, watching the funny interactions of the cats, their various ways of trying to enter the house (especially if they smell fish/chicken), the fights we have to break up.. They're a handful.

Am proud of the cats I own, I mean, the cats that own me. =)  Although, i wish they wouldn't, sometimes, start to cry like they've never been fed.

Thank you for reading.

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