Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back after a long time...

Wow! Its been quite a while.

This will need some updating then... =)

Quite recently I began practising drawing again. Its still not so great. But then, I gotta start some where...

Here they are!

It all began with this.

This one, above, turned out so horrible. Was a terrible attempt to get the 3/4th face, head tilted back.

Then this beauty happened. Am not being immodest. But I am quite surprised at how it turned out. Noooooooot! hehehhe!

This guy had hair, but Hair being the toughest part of a character, wasn't quite working out.
So I forgave myself for it and left the character with a bald head.

Now, this one is a quick sketch on a post-it.. I do not know why the random ones turn out much better than some work that i try to work on patiently. Anywho, this one is sitting pretty at my desk, at work.

Thank you reader! Please do visit again!

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