Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Chilly Dark Saturday

What a day! Quite a chilly Saturday we have going on in Bengalooru! Woke up this morning and went right back under the warm and toasty covers.

Feet snug in warm socks, switched on the PC...and the power went. This day and age, not being able to log on to the internet is very aggravating. I have to start my day with chatting with friends. Checking the Celeb gossip. looking for the pictures of the most mundane/random things.

Had breakfast and got busy with the day's worth of doing nothing. This includes, watching the wind rustling the trees' leaves, the kittens all curling up with their mother on the porch, a snooty Tomcat curled up on my lap while i read Jeffery Deaver's The Broken Window. All this with a warm cuppa. Toasty. =)

So in the intervals that we did have the electricity here, i watched the holiday shorts from How to Train a Dragon and Ice Age : Gift of  The Night Fury and A Mammoth Christmas.

I wish and wish and wish Night fury was my Dragon. He's a beautiful creature. Thank you DreamWorks. At the very least, I have watched the movie... Thrice... It wasn't enough.

Afternoon was turning dark quickly and before you knew it, it started raining. Fortunately i was at home. That being said, i didnt have to deal with the slushy roads and getting drenched.

The cats outside huddled into a tall pile. Snuggling into each other, to get the warmest spot. Reminds me of wanting to jump and lay on the large fluffly white clouds on a warm day. Better set off to put out a saucer of warm milk for the kittens outside.

It is evening now, and finally the power supply is steady... Well, for now...