Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A New Beginning... Again

Blogging... How hard can that be right? No, it  took me many long days to finally start one that i hope has some meaning; to me.

In college we were each asked to create blogs and display our semester works. This, so that recruiters would be able to quietly look through our growth in our academic skills. I am a student of 3D Animation.
I still consider myself a student. As boring and cliched as it might sound, I am not giving up on that latent talent... Have to get back to it some time this life.

So anyway, as I was saying, ...typing, ... saying, we were to create our blogs. I was of course petrified. The whole world would see that i have not accomplished much. Silly fear, u may think. But it really got to my head and I didn't do well at that. Seeing the other students' posts just made me sink lower in the pit of doom.

But thankfully, there are also people around me who will smack my face and tell me to get on with it and pull me up. I thank the mysterious forces that may be who/which has given me this crowd of very loving people.

And so, here-forth, i begin the journey wherein i let myself be, make the mistakes i am meant to make and just deal with it, with the Big and Happy Smile my favorite people love.


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  1. finally!!! im so happy u finally made a blog!! *sprinkles confetti* well good luck woman, i shall be secretly stalking you and will look forward to more posts !