Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Poetry In Dance or was it Dance in Poetry


 Vasanthi  Hariprakash  |  Madhu Nataraj Heri  |  Anitha Rathnam 

Chowdaiah Memorial Hall at Malleswaram had a dance event put up by the Stem Dance Kampni. It was a wonderful well put together show, except the teething problems in the technical department. All that was forgotten when i saw the lovely Vasanthi Hariprakash. I miss her on the radio.

The chief guest at the venue for the day was Justice Santosh Hegde. A simple man, who gave many a nightmare to Indian politicians.

I didnt catch the name of the first dance. But i recognised that it was Kathak with a touch of Flamenco. Madhu Natraj, the Founder - Director of Natya Stem Dance Kampni, also the choreographer, put on a fabulous performance with her troupe.

Anitha Rathnam
I wasn't aware of it then, but there was yet another surprise in waiting. A performance put on by Anitha Rathnam called Avani. A dance based on Rabindranath Tagore and Kalki 's poetry. It was a combination of the dark Bengali poetry and lilting Tamil poetry woven so seemlessly and performed so effortlessly. And what grace. 

Madhu Natraj with her troupe from Natya Stem Dance Kampni

The last piece was again by Madhu and her troupe, Vajra. A contemporary dance showcasing the martial arts in dance form. Am not a huge dance aficionado, but the dance mesmerised me. You had to be there to believe me. when it was over i was a bit dazed from it. Wished  there was an encore.

But the evening had ended, votes of thanks given and people felicitated. I went home happy.

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