Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weird Obsession!! OWLS

They are the most fascinating creatures i think. All Creatures on Earth/ this universe as far as it exists, are extraordinary. But I feel that owls are very intriguing. Much like cats, their stare is mesmerising to the extent that you would seem hypnotised.

Very conveniently, during a Biology class in school, while we were being taught the anatomy of birds, a large owl flew into the classroom. With the class being taken by a very revered teacher, Ms Mary Fernandez, we were very quiet. But this visitor made us all so scared of breathing, or it would fly away.

Our teacher quietly gestured to us to watch the bird carefully and study it. (After class she gave us an assignment on it as well.) But when it decided to relieve itself in one of the students' Lunch baskets we burst out laughing. Obviously, the mysterious bird flew away. But that was a moment worth treasuring.

Ever since, this bird has left me fascinated. In India, Hinduism actually, the owl is said to be the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi. Leaves me curious though. Why is it that when you call someone an "ullu", you're calling them stupid?

Anyway, my obsession has lead me to collect any item that has an owl. If i can't own it, then I have the digital media to indulge me with images of owls in any form.

And these are just a few of my favourite things... 

Also, I don't own these images, these have been found off the web.

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