Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sketchin......Nothing In Particular

Haven't worked on much since. But here are some works from before this blog. Just some random thoughts. Some magic moments when what got drawn on paper, was what was exactly in my head. Others..they just happened, one line to the next.

This was just drawn as a joke...

an awestruck ET (kid?)

A quick series of sketches for a lil' ballerina

My attempt at drawing like a 5yr old. Didn't quite work out.

Crazy bug eyed girl I doodle when I was in class.

Another one during the same said class.

Should i say it again?

 Now it reminds me of the drawing on the cover of Evita.
 No.. Dont ask me what I was thinking, 'coz i really don't know.

A diva

Hmm...  ?

Thank you for Skimming through. =)