Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sketchin 0005 - Zen like! =)

They call it 'Spring-Cleaning'. This is right in the middle of a very brief, but intensely cold winter day in Bengalooru.

I went on a determined cleaning spree anyway. With not enough work area on my table the prety much useless printer is banished. And Voila! The place looks much better. More 'my space', than a dumping ground for junk papers/bills etc thrown in from passers by (not-sayin-who.)

Feel a bit Zen-like now... Free.. Spacious.. Happy! I wish I were on a beach.

Its not perfect. But i had to put this image on paper quickly or it would fade away from my mind. My mind getting caught up in other thoughts which are sometimes vapid and inane. but mostly jumping to the next thought.

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